We, the organizers with A World Without Police declare the protest on Friday, November 12th, 2016 to be triumphant. We came together with over a thousand confidants to declare that this genocidal system, which Donald Trump represents, has no room for us. We refuse to accept this presidency, despite pleas of unity and peace. It is not peaceful for us to accept a president who has committed sexual assault, who wants a ban on Muslims, who has called all Mexicans rapists. We also do not endorse Hillary. We do not believe that either candidate has the true interest of most of the people in this country at heart. We refuse to be tricked into choosing between an overt evil and a muted one. If nothing else, Trump’s presidency has made it clear that we need to build alternative systems which are conducive to us, the environment, and those that are most marginalized. We cannot trust an electoral system which allows paid leave for cops who murder Black people, funding for kidnappers named ICE who break into peoples’ homes in the middle of the night, judges who allow rapists to get off constantly with no charges. We are done with “business as usual”. This system is nothing but genocide sold to us as democracy. Tonight was just the beginning. We will continue to raise hell until we liberate one another and this earth. We will continue to fight and we will not give into arguments, be they conservative or liberal, to slow down or quiet down. We will not be content with being told that the elections are the only legitimate way to express ourselves. How can we be expected to respect a system which does not respect us? To all our fellow marchers, freedom fighters, dreamers, and artists, we love you; we will keep fighting; you inspire us. We are, #TheUngovernable.

Plan with us Monday, 11/21 at 6 PM, 368 Ponce. Our fight has only just begun.