Last fall members of AWWP Houston spoke with David, a teacher and organizer with the Social Justice Education Movement, or SJEM. Due to Hurricane Harvey and the involvement of AWWP members in relief efforts we’re just getting this interview published now.  Despite the delay, students and teachers remain active in their organizing endeavors. Just recently students at Austin High School in Houston staged a walk out after one of their classmates was picked up by ICE. Fights around education are an important flash point of struggle, and an integral part of fighting for a world without police.

In this interview, we discuss with David the history of SJEM,  in-school organizing efforts, the role of the IWW,  the state of public education in Minneapolis,  what the Social Justice Education Fair is, and reflections on their campaign to remove police from schools. Keep an eye out for updates on SJEM and other interviews on the struggles of teachers and students.

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