On Sunday, October 30, if you’re in the Atlanta area, join A World Without Police in a screening of The Spook Who Sat by the Door. The film, from 1973, is about a black CIA agent who returns to his Chicago neighborhood and, under the guise of social service and charity work, uses what he learned to organize and train street gangs in anti-police insurrectionary tactics. Coming out in a year when bombings, bank robberies and other guerilla tactics were at their height among American revolutionaries, the film, though it was released in theaters, was immediately suppressed by the FBI. The FBI even attempted to destroy all prints and negatives of the film, but the film survived, and remains as much a revolutionary handbook as The Battle of Algiers.

Atlanta we’ll see you Sunday, October 30. Doors are at 7:30. At 368 Ponce De Leon Ave. Free