This site is a space for discussion, strategizing and–above all–practical work that aims to disempower, disarm and disband the police. Groups and individuals can get involved in a variety of ways, including:

Tents are set up & people gather at #FreedomSquare Occupation in Chicago. July, 2016.
Tents are set up & people gather at the #FreedomSquare Occupation in Chicago. July, 2016.
  • Share news from the campaign across your social networks
  • Submit memes, posters, flyers, videos, pictures, infographics, or any other media for reposting on the site
  • Submit content for our Blog page. For instance, what do Disempower, Disarm, and Disband mean to you? Have local campaigns accomplished one of these goals to some extent, and if so how? Write up or record your ideas and plans for how we can build a world without police
  • Check out our Events page to connect with organizing work in your area. Let us know about events you or others are organizing that relate to the campaign!


Contribute here, and help build this world without police together.

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